Eco Friendly
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Eco-Friendly Hotel
Eco-Friendly Hotel

Welcome to the Green Star Ramada Ankara Hotel!

Our Environmental Policy

Our hotel is aware that the region is an indispensable part of "Sustainable Development" and that taking care of the environment is an important element for the Common Future. Accordingly, in the awareness of the potential industrial activities that are very closely related to the environment, the Company continues its environmental activities within the context of environment friendly management.

Our policy in Environmental Policy is guided by the following principles:

Our main environmental issues are primarily from drinking water to wastewater, which is concerned with the health of employees in our facility; Noise, solid wastes and hazardous wastes.

Above all, our goal in our facilities is not to see waste as a waste, but to recover from waste.


Green Star Ramada Ankara Hotel Quality Policy With the awareness that the service sector is a critical market, our continuity in our quality service performance; Our competitive power; We are in a continuous development process to improve customer satisfaction and our efficiency in the market. We are expressing our Quality Policy in this development process as follows: